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Notify us if you see a Burmese Python


Hopefully you wont, but if you do, take a picture, send it to us via Donna Kalil on Facebook messenger and keep an eye on it. We will get someone out there to eliminate the threat.  Or report sightings to Exotic Species Hotline at 888-IveGot1, online at, or smartphone app "IVEGOT!"

Support our team


The proceeds of every Avenger product you purchase goes directly to the Avenger Team or directly to the other hunters listed depending on the item.

Become educated and spread the word


We are not going to be able to catch and remove all the pythons that are in South Florida, we can only hope to slow their spread and give relief to the animals in the areas we patrol. But hopefully, through scientific analysis we will come up with a solution.

Promote Proper Pet Care


Dont let it Loose! If you or someone you know has an exotic pet such as a snake or lizard or for that matter even a domestic pet like a dog, cat or rabbit, please do not let it loose and think you are doing it a favor. They likely will not survive in the wild. If they can survive then they can destroy delicate ecosystems like the Burmese Python has done to our beloved Everglades.

 Benny the Ball Python


June 8, 2018  11:30 p.m. I found a 4 ft, 4 lb Ball python at the entrance to Everglades National Park, Shark Valley. His owner let him go thinking he was doing him a favor but in reality, had I not come along when I did, he would have been gator food. The poor thing was scared stiff and didn't move when I approached him. So I named him Benny and took him home. He is now a part of my family.