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The Everglades Avenger Team is dedicated to eliminating as many invasive Florida Burmese Pythons as possible. We can use your help!


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Donna Kalil is the leader of the Everglades Avenger Team.  After catching her first Florida Burmese python on Christmas night 2015 with her family in tow, she has eliminated more than 100 pythons from South Florida Ecosystems. Several had up to 35 eggs in them! "The impact that these invasive animals are having on our wildlife is astounding and every one we eliminate from our natural ecosystem is a step in the right direction".


 It takes persistence and perseverance to find these apex predators and the journey is a perilous one. Join our team to help protect our native wildlife.

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Hopefully you wont, but if you do, take a picture, send it to us via Donna Kalil on Facebook messenger and keep an eye on it. We will get someone out there to eliminate the threat.  Or report sightings to Exotic Species Hotline at 888-IveGot1, online at www.IVEGOT1.org, or smartphone app "IVEGOT!" https://bit.ly/2LGp9QTF

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The proceeds of every Avenger product you purchase goes directly to the Avenger Team or directly to the other hunters listed depending on the item.

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We are not going to be able to catch and remove all the pythons that are in South Florida, we can only hope to slow their spread and give relief to the animals in the areas we patrol. But hopefully, through scientific analysis we will come up with a solution.

Promote Proper Pet Care


Dont let it Loose! If you or someone you know has an exotic pet such as a snake or lizard or for that matter even a domestic pet like a dog, cat or rabbit, please do not let it loose and think you are doing it a favor. They likely will not survive in the wild. If they can survive then they can destroy delicate ecosystems like the Burmese Python has done to our beloved Everglades. http://www.dontletitloose.com/

 Benny the Ball Python


June 8, 2018  11:30 p.m. I found a 4 ft, 4 lb Ball python at the entrance to Everglades National Park, Shark Valley. His owner let him go thinking he was doing him a favor but in reality, had I not come along when I did, he would have been gator food. The poor thing was scared stiff and didn't move when I approached him. So I named him Benny and took him home. He is now a part of my family.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to continue to eliminate the threat of this apex predator from our beloved Everglades and surrounding areas. Your generous donation will help fund our mission.

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Everglades Avengers Python Elimination Team

Tell us what you want our logo on. We are open for suggestions. We want to make it for you! Hats, Shirts, Key Chains you name it!


Feel the Burm 100% Hand Crafted Python Products

Python Hunter and Master Craftsman Ryan Ausburn makes custom made python products. Check out his full line on his "Feel the Burm" Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/feelintheburm/


Python Wildman Products & Viral Video of 16 ft python captured by the "Wildman"!

"Wildman" Dusty Crum also has a full line of products on his web page. Check his stuff out too!



viral videos & Services from Python Hunters

Dave Mucci - Iguana Removal Service


 Are iguanas messing up your property or pooping in your pool in the Keys or South Florida? My brother Dave Mucci, a retired Air Force Pararescueman will eliminate your problem in a swift and humane way! https://www.facebook.com/Bluediverone 

Mike Kimmel Martin County Trapping & Removals



Check out his viral video saving a gator from a 10 foot python! https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/environment/article213378049.html

and his Facebook page at Martin County Trapping & Removals. https://www.facebook.com/kimmel220 He will also give expert advice as to any snake you have in your yard or house. Play it safe, Call him before you get bit!  

Swamp Apes!


 Check out the continuing adventures of this non-profit group "dedicated to serving Veterans through serving the Wilderness" headed by none other than Tom Rahill. Endure, Evolve, Achieve http://www.swampapes.org/ 


Brian Hargrove tans and sells full python skins


Another "Road Stretcher"


Welcome to the Wild!


Candace West Photography

Award Winning South Florida photojournalist with more than 21 years in the field working at the Miami Herald.



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Gracie Barnes Jewelry & Photography

Making Florida Python Skin earrings and Professional Freelance Photographer for hire and has beautiful prints for sale


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Python Patrol Training

Learn how to identify and safely capture a wild python through FWC's training https://bit.ly/2gWJ1jx then win prizes by  joining the Python Pick up program https://bit.ly/2sGVc98


Report Python Sightings & be a Responsible pet owner, Don't let it loose!

If you see a python Call  888-IVEGOT1, online at www.IVEGOT1.org or smartphone app "IVEGOT1" https://ly2Gp9QT  &  surrender any unwanted exotic pets to the FWC Exotic Pet Amnesty program https:/bit.ly/1y9yvbn  

South Florida Water Management District is the leader in removing Burmese pythons form our environme

South Florida Water Management District leads the way to eliminating Burmese Pythons from the Everglades!

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